Chateau de Chillon, Lake Geneva - Switzerland


Iā€™m April and ‘April Everyday’ is a UK Travel and Lifestyle blog that I created to share all my adventures around the world and the UK, aswell as home, garden and food inspiration. When I’m not trying to convince Shane to take a trip across the world, I’m always looking for adventures closer to home too!

Monday-Friday I work as an administrator in an accounts office, but weekends are my time to explore more of the UK. We often take long weekend breaks to cities across Europe, and we’re currently in the process of converting a van into a campervan so that we can take cheaper breaks throughout the UK and Europe on our weekends.

So where did my love of travel begin?

I’m so lucky to have had so many family holidays as a kid. My first ever holiday was when I was a year old and my parents took me to Disney World in Florida. After that, it became a family tradition that each year, we’d visit just before Christmas with all my family. Yep, my aunties, uncles, cousins and grandparents would all fly over for a week or two spent together.

After a few years, we stopped our yearly Florida tradition but started visiting other countries, usually on all-inclusive package holidays. I was the kid who always wanted to go back to the same place each year because I loved it so much, but luckily my parents refused, always wanting to see somewhere else.

As I grew up, my interests changed and all-inclusive package holidays just weren’t my thing anymore. I’m not the type of person that can just sit around relaxing on a beach or by the pool all day. I like to go out and see the place I’m visiting, and I’m so lucky that I found Shane who is the same.

Now, we cram everything we possibly can into a long weekend break, and usually come back feeling like we need a holiday to recover from the holiday! But, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

What will you see on the blog?

Mostly photos from our travels, both abroad and through the UK. We also like to spend weekends exploring local places, so you’ll see a lot of our day trips popping up too, as well as recipes that I love, and snapshots from my life. There’s a nice mix of everything over here.

I’m a self proclaimed crazy cat lady, who takes way too many snaps of my fur-babies, so you’ll most likely see them popping up on the blog at any chance I get too!

So, I hope you enjoy and stick around! Thanks for stopping by!