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Phoenix – Day 1

June 6, 2011
I wasn’t going to blog whilst I was in America, but I just cant wait to show everyone the pictures so far (also the fact that I’m still stuck in UK time and sit here at like 4 am wide awake haha). I think I’ll do a post like this every few days of what we’ve been up to each day.
So yesterday we decided to go thrifting! We were going to go to a few stores but ended up for some reason only going to one! I did get an ankle length dress which I’m going to shorten and a lovely wine coloured belt for $11 aha! Then we went for lunch at Olive Garden. I loved it there – I was amazed at all the salad and bread sticks, seriously such nice food – and you can even take it home! I’m totally not used to this (in the UK you finish your food and if theres anything left it just goes in the bin) so it was nice to be able to take the rest of my dinner home hah! I also got a few quick outfit pictures haha!

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