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Desert Botanical Gardens

June 18, 2011
So yesterday we went to the Desert Botanical Garden’s in Phoenix. I actually didnt even know about this place till my dad suggested we try and visit whilst we’re over here so thanks dad! We had to go at 7 in the morning when it opened so it was as cool as possible as I dont cope well in the heat! We got around 1 trail and had to leave because it was so hot! I’m not cut out for the desert weather haha!
So anyway, they have hundreds of variety’s of cacti and plants that can be found in the desert all laid out in different trails. I have never seen anything like it before! Last time we came to Arizona we went on a horse ride through the desert which was amazing but to see all the different types together was just amazing! I’d definately recommend visiting. There are quite a few pictures so sorry for the long post haha!

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