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Holiday Snaps: Day 3 – Universal Studios

January 14, 2012
So Universal Studios was probably our least favourite park of all, though I don’t know if thats just because it was so busy that we didn’t really have the patience to experience it properly or if it just wasn’t our cup of tea haha! In the whole day we went on 3 rides – E.T., Twister and Jaws. They were all pretty dissapointing especially after waiting for almost 2 hours in the queue. We really wanted to go on the Simpsons and the Mummy rides, but they had 3 hour queue’s and we’d pretty much drove each other insane by the time we got to them haha! It was also the coldest day, so we decided to just leave early and go to the cinema and watch the new Sherlock film (which I fell asleep in!). Overall, it just wasn’t a good day haha! If any of you have been to Universal, what did you think of it – I’d love to know!?
P.S. Sorry for the massive smear on the first few photos, we didn’t realise there was a fingerprint on the lense till later that day 🙁

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