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Holiday Snaps: Day 2 – Seaworld

January 9, 2012
We weren’t actually planning on going to Seaworld at all as it didn’t really interest us and we planned to go shopping instead. Since we didn’t have a car and to get to and from the mall was going to be too confusing than we could be bothered, we decided to just catch the I-Ride trolley (we stayed on International Drive) and go down to Seaworld instead. Turns out, it was probably our favourite park and day haha! We got to watch all the shows apart from the Sealion and Otter one as we decided to get lunch at the same time as the last show. The shamu show was by far my favourite (I took a few videos of it so I might make a video of all the parks sometime). Also, how cute are penguins?! Ahh man, I just wanted to take some home haha! I love how you can interact with the animals like the rays (they’re soo slimey!) and dolphins and you get to feed them too – the sealions were hilarious, especially when the birds kept stealing the fish haha!

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