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Holiday Snaps: Day 1 – Epcot

January 8, 2012
*Sorry for the overload of photos – it was so hard to choose just a few!*
So I was actually debating posting photos from our holiday to Orlando, but I asked on twitter and a few people said they wanted to see them, so why not? I was going to post them in 2 day blocks, but it was sooo hard to choose a few from each day so I’ll probably just recap each day instead – sorry if you get a little sick of seeing them haha!
So the first day we went to Epcot. It actually wasn’t as good as we expected it to be, though we didn’t really stay for that long to check everything out because we were still a little jet lagged. It’s amazing how they do everything there – we thought Spaceship Earth would be really boring, but it was actually really good looking back at history (everything was so life like too). It was really good seeing the different interpretations of the cultures too, though I have to say, Great Britain looked nothing like actual Great Britain haha, we were like “Whattt? This is nothing like England haha!”. It was funny seeing the crowds of people taking pictures of letter boxes and phone booths though. I’d probably say that my favourite area was Morocco – the food was amazing there too. Oh and we basically lived off those frozen lemonade and cola drinks- they were delicious!

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