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Photo Diary: German Christmas Market

December 11, 2011
This week, my parents and I went on a little trip to Birmingham to look around their annual Christmas Market which apparently has over 1000 stalls. It was a really good trip, and we ended up buying quite a few things (all being food haha). I really wish I’d have taken more pictures, but it was just too busy to lug my massive camera around. They had so many food stalls of german sausage rolls (I can’t remember the name), candied nuts, gingerbread (wish I’d have bought some!), flavoured marshmallows, chocolates, and pubs and restaurants where mum got a meal of pork, dumplings and gravy which was amazing. Then there were loads of little toy stalls too. I definately suggest going and looking around if your local towns have them. Its great fun!

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