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Woburn Abbey Gardens

April 1, 2014

IMG_4295 copy IMG_4037 copy IMG_4044 copy IMG_4046 copy IMG_4053 copy IMG_4144 copy IMG_4149 copy IMG_4162 copy IMG_4173 copy IMG_4181 copy IMG_4212 copy IMG_4206 copy IMG_4214 copy IMG_4216 copy IMG_4231 copy IMG_4253 copy IMG_4289 copy IMG_4297 copy IMG_4321 copy IMG_4009 copy IMG_4325 copyWe had such perfect weather this past weekend, so Shane and I took a trip to Woburn Abbey Gardens to enjoy the sunshine, and see all of the spring flowers popping up! Winter is my least favourite season, so I get super excited in the spring when I see leaves and blossom on trees and all the spring flowers starting to bloom and I know that summer will be here soon.

There wasn’t really much to do there as the Abbey was shut for the winter season (till next week), so we just explored the gardens for a couple hours. The majority of the garden is just grass areas with some lovely little old decorative buildings dotted around in themed areas, so it would have been the perfect place to have taken a picnic, but we had a great day out – I’d love to go back sometime during the summer when all the flowers are out and visit the Abbey too! Oh, and we got to see some deer on the drive to and from the gardens aswell!

I hope you had a great weekend – what did you get up to?

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    April 8, 2014 at 2:47 am

    Love your gorgeous photos of Spring in all it’s Loveliness ~ Happy Spring!!

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