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Holiday Snaps: Day 4 – Islands of Adventure

January 15, 2012
I think of all the parks we visited (other than Aquatica) Islands of Adventure was definately our favourite – even though we couldn’t even get into the Harry Potter section. They closed the whole section off and you had to get tickets to get in – the wait for just the tickets was 3 hours, then there was a 2 hour queue for the main ride once you got in! It was so crazy and we figured by the time we got through it would have been 10pm so we decided to just leave it and go on some other rides instead. The rides were so much more fun than the rides at the other parks that we’d visited so far and made it kinda feel more worth the wait (it’s a lot easier if you’re a group of 2 aswell, we always got called forward to fill the rides out haha). We went on Jurassic Park thinking it was rapids – it wasn’t! We got such a shock at the end hahah, though we did eventually find some rapids which were really good. I’d definately recommend if you visit Orlando – you have to go to Islands of Adventure! 🙂

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