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Holiday Snaps: Day 6 – Magic Kingdom

January 28, 2012
Magic Kingdom was probably our least favourite park of all the ones we went to. We actually only went because everyone was like “you can’t go to Florida and not go to Magic Kingdom”. We went on New Years Eve (such a bad idea) and planned on staying till midnight for the fireworks but we ended up leaving at 5 because we were just so exhausted and hot. It was way too busy to the point that the rides we actually wanted to go on had 3+ hour queues that were out of the queue lines – we even queued for 20 minutes for a frozen cola! We got on Space Mountain when we first arrived at the park at 8:30 and that was a 45 minute queue though the ride was amazing (probably one of my favourites of the holiday), then the Stitch’s Great Escape, It’s a Small World and Big Thunder Mountain though we were pretty dissapointed with them. I guess if it wasn’t so busy we might enjoy it a little more but I’ve definately learnt, Christmas is not the time to visit haha! I definately want to visit again, though at a much quieter time haha!

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