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Sywell Air Show

September 24, 2013

IMG_3889 copy IMG_4005 copy IMG_4016 copy IMG_4121 copy IMG_4191 copy IMG_4260 copy IMG_4294 copy IMG_4295 copyI was clearing out my photo folders the other day and came across these photos from a local air show Shane and I went to last year! We took hundreds of photos and I actually completely forgot about them till I found them the other day. I had stopped blogging at the time, so thats probably why I totally forgot about them haha! I thought I’d share them here as I absolutely love air shows. We also went to the Duxford air show a few weeks after which was also amazing.

My favourite part was the Red Arrows! I absolutely love them. Overall, I think we managed to see them 3 times last year on 3 different occasions, but they didn’t have the full 9 planes due to some unfortunate deaths the previous year so they did all their displays last year with a reduced crew of 7. It was still amazing though and I’d totally recommend seeing them if you get the chance! Have you been to any air shows?

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    Jamie Rose
    September 29, 2013 at 8:01 am

    These pictures turned out so neat! I love this! So glad you shared them with us.

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