Tower Bridge

July 30, 2013

While we were in London last weekend, we stopped by Tower Bridge for a little stroll across the bridge and by the water. It was super busy so we didn’t really stay there for very long but it was a nice little break in the day to just enjoy the London scenery. We were lucky enough to actually see the bridge raise up while we were there which was pretty interesting. It’s amazing to think that the bridge was started in 1886 and took 8 years and over 450 workers to build it and it’s still going strong to this day.

After, we walked over the bridge we took a little stroll past the Tower of London and saw a cute couple getting their wedding photos taken with the bridge in the background. It would have been good to visit the Tower of London and learn more about the history of the Tower too and see the crown jewels too. Have you visited the Tower of London and Tower Bridge?

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