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Bite Street – Northamptons New Street Food Event

May 6, 2019

Bite Street Northampton Street Food Vendors

Bite Street Northampton

This weekend (Fri 3rd + Sat 4th May) was the first ever Bite Street event – Northamptons new monthly street food event, so obviously I had to go and try it out. Now I love street food, but the lack of it in Northamptonshire is something that me and Shane always comment on whenever we visit London (or any major city to be fair) because it’s such a shame that we don’t have anything like that up here. Well, now we do! And it was GOOD!

We headed over on the Saturday around 3pm and I dragged my parents with us, because the more the merrier right (and also I wanted to try their picks without buying too much food that we couldn’t fit in haha). So I thought I’d share a little rundown on the event for anyone looking to go and what to expect! There’s more info about Bite Street at the bottom of the post!

Bite Street Northampton Saf's Kitchen Punjab Food

Bite Street Northampton Saf's Kitchen Punjab Food

Saf’s Kitchen

First up, I decided to go for the Chana Chaat from Saf’s Kitchen. After hearing Sophie rave about it so much in her post about MK Street Food, I knew I had to try something and it didn’t dissapoint! It was a lovely bowl of samosa’s, a veggie chickpea curry (I opted for the veggie option, but they also do a meat one), served with chutneys, yogurts, fried onions and pomegranate. It was SO good, that my mum and dad tried a bit and also went and got their own to share! They also do wraps, and punjabi sausages which look amazing (if only I eat meat).

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Bite Street Northampton Good Times Cafe

Bite Street Northampton Good Times Cafe

Good Times Cafe

This has got to be one of the best grilled cheese I’ve ever tasted! They actually had quite a few veggie options – four cheese (+ marmite), jalapeno and apricot, and a mushroom and smoked garlic. Shane opted for the mushroom and garlic and it was SO good! I’ve never seen a toastie oozing with so much melted cheese before and I kind of regretted not getting one for myself too, though I was way too stuffed for one.

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Bite Street Northampton Baja Cantina Mexican Food

Bite Street Northampton Baja Cantina Tacos

Bite Street Northampton Baja Cantina Mexican Food

Bite Street Northampton Baja Cantina Tacos

Baja Cantina

Who doesn’t love tacos?! We make them at least a couple times a month at home, so when we saw the van serving tacos, we just had to try them. My mum opted for their vegan tacos, while Shane opted for the halloumi ones. My mum said that her vegan tacos were mainly salad, like the chlli filling was a bit sparse. Maybe they were just running low on supplies? But Shane enjoyed his halloumi ones! Sadly I didn’t get to try either myself as I was ordering my own food!

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Bite Street Northampton Now Now Chow

Bite Street Northampton Now Now Chow

Now Now South African Food Co

I’ve not eaten much South African food before, but I do love a good Cape Malay Curry. So when my dad opted for their vegan cape malay curry, I was so excited to try it. He only went and ate it before I got back from ordering mine didn’t he?! But he said it was delicious, and was his favourite of our picks. Now Now serve all of their dishes in a Bunny Chow (a bread roll scooped out to serve as a dish), or you can go for the gluten free rice option instead.

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Bite Street Northampton Bandit Burgers

Bite Street Northampton The Wood Oven Pizza

Other Vendors

We didn’t get the chance to try all of the vendors there, but they all looked so good! And it was good to see that every vendor had at least one vegetarian or vegan option to choose from! If I’m right, I think they also had one other vendor on the Friday night, which wasn’t there on the Saturday.


Bandit serve amazing looking american style burgers, filled to the brim with toppings (and flavour). There were quite a few meat options to choose from, and it was nice to see they had a veggie halloumi burger too, which Shane *almost* went for! They were huge!

The Wood Oven

Seeing wood fired pizzas in the back of vans always amazes me, but these guys had a whopper of a pizza oven cooking up amazing looking pizzas! For veggies, they had a margherita, or a spinach and feta.

Little Urban BBQ

I think these were here on the Friday evening only, as I don’t remember seeing them while we were there on the Saturday afternoon. Their ribs look SO good, and as far as I can see, they do a vegan jackfruit option if southern BBQ style food is your thing.

Connie, The Vintage Travelling Tea Room

We all know how much we love campervans and caravans and this little one was so cute! Serving freshly baked cakes and sweet treats, we were tempted on our way out, but we just didn’t have enough room left for dessert!

The Bar

They also had a bar serving locally produced cider, along with plenty of vegan wines, and even a DJ!

Bite Street Northampton Street Food Vendors

Bite Street Northampton Indoor Seating

Give Me The Details

When is it on?

Monthly, on the first weekend of the month. They haven’t listed the full dates for the summer, but the next one is on the Friday 5th July (5pm-10pm) + Saturday 6th July (1pm-9pm). I’ll try to keep this updated with future dates.

Where is it?

It’s at Duston Mill near Sixfields, with plenty of free, onsite parking!

How Much is it?

It’s free! You can pre-book the tickets, which you can do just here, (though by the look of it you don’t *need* to). Prices vary by vendor but are in the range of £5-9pp to give you an idea of cost. Most of the vendors accept cards, but just be sure to take cash just incase, as some of the vendors were struggling with signal while we were there.

Is it the Same Vendors Each Month?

Nope! And I love that the vendors change each month as you get to taste different foods each time so it’s all the more reason to go each month! The event booking page gives you a list of the vendors for the next one.

How Many Vendors are There and What About Allergies?

It looks as though there’s roughly 7 or 8 vendors each event. But since this was the first one, I can’t say for sure. There’s defnitely plenty of choice though, and they all cater for veggies and some for vegans. They’re all super friendly though, so if you have any allergies or questions, just ask and they’ll be able to advise you!

What about the weather?!

There’s plenty of indoor seating in the main warehouse where the bar is and they also had a marquee outside near the food stalls more suitable for kids.

If you have any other questions, just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you or check out the Bite Street Facebook page for up to date info! We enjoyed it and left with full bellies, and we’ve already got our tickets to the next one! I’m eyeing up a few of the vendors already! It’s good to know that a lot of the vendors from the first event actually do the Eat Street MK event (which is actually run by Good Times Cafe) on the first Friday of each month too. So if you’re local, that might be something you want to check out too!




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