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Campervan Conversion Update / 07

February 13, 2019

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Adventures in a Camper - Van Conversion

It’s Almost Complete!

Yeah, can you believe it?! After almost 2 years, the van is almost complete. After changing our plans at the end of last year after speaking to a few people at a meetup, we decided to rip the area out that we’d built for the bathroom and change it into an extra kitchen area instead. It’s basically just a worktop and storage underneath at the moment, but we just need to build in some shelves and add some doors and then that area will be complete.

We have got a little problem with the fact that the bathroom took up more space than the kitchen area and we fit the floor after we fit the area sectioned off for the bathroom, so we’re missing a section of floor there (which you can see in the above photo at the back of the van) so we’re figuring out how to get around that. We might just need to rip the floor up, but we’ll see.

Adventures in a Camper - Van Conversion

Adventures in a Camper - Van Conversion

The Kitchen Area

As you can see, we still need to finish off the two drawers and get them painted inside and out – it’s really irritating me haha! But we’ve got cupboards, the gas bottle is securely stored away and all of the hot water system and pumps for the taps are underneath the big bottom one. We still need to build a huge drawer to go underneath the cooker, which is where we’re planning on putting all of our pots, pans and chopping boards, rather than the toilet!

We’re adding another spice rack from IKEA too as the one that we have is a little squished atm, and then we’re thinking of relocating the fruit net as it’s in the way of the spice rack a little bit. The open shelf which has currently got the fairy lights on is going to be open storage for our dry foods like rice, pasta and juice. I can’t wait to get it all finished properly!

Adventures in a Camper - Van Conversion

The Living Area

As you can see, this area isn’t as finished. We’ve got the cushions and everything, but the bed/seat frame still needs to be painted, but Shane is still making a few changes to the bedframe to make it a bit more sturdy as the legs sometimes move during the night while we’re sleeping. Since we’ve painted the sides of the kitchen worktop, we can now finally add on the edging strip to the worktops too, as that’s been irritating me for months haha!

We also installed a little 12v TV which we took from the caravan so that we can watch tv or dvd’s on rainy evenings. Some people hate having a TV in the van, but we like it usually just as background noise in the evenings while we play games or edit photos.

Adventures in a Camper - Van Conversion

Adventures in a Camper - Van Conversion

Adventures in a Camper - Van Conversion

From Day to Night Mode

I love the bedroom set-up, but we never really get to see it like this because it’s always right as I’m heading to bed. It’s Shanes job in the van to make the bed as I “always break it” as Shane says. It’s hard to pull it all out, and I always make the legs fall off haha! So once he’s made it, I usually get in and fall straight to sleep. Then as soon as we’re awake it’s packed away.

I love the lights that Shane installed on the side with the larger cupboards which is so nice in the evening to put them on instead of the big lights as it creates a nice little glow. We’ve still got to make the cupboard doors for the overhead cabinets though, as Shane rebuilt them a couple months ago as he wasn’t happy with the old ones. Then there’s just a few other little bits and bobs to do, like carpet a few other places and add some finishing touches and it’ll be done! It’s taken ages and we’ve changed our minds about 1000x throughout the build, but we love it so much! I can’t wait to get some more photos when it’s completely finished!

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    September 19, 2020 at 6:46 pm

    Hi, looks great. What sort of van do you have?
    Cheers Steve

    • Reply
      September 26, 2020 at 7:25 pm

      Thanks! We have a long wheelbase, mid height fiat ducato.

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