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Campervan Conversion Update / 05

March 30, 2018

Campervan Conversion Fitting the Kitchen Appliances


Woah! The van is finally starting to look like an actual campervan, rather than a van with a nice floor, some windows, carpeted walls and a bed. We’ve done so so much over the past few weekends, mainly because this Easter bank holiday weekend we planned to go to Scotland. But we (Shane) decided that it would be a bad idea with the weather due to get down to -2ºc and me barely coping when we last camped out in it and it was about 6ºc. If we had a heater it would be fine, but we don’t (yet).

Campervan Conversion

Roof Leak

So since the last update post, we’ve done quite a bit! To start with, we fixed a leak in the roof that developed over the winter. We think the seal of one of the windows broke and water started seeping in as it couldn’t drain off in storage. Shane picked it up one day and heard water sloshing around in the roof. Once he got home and took a look, there was water all over the floor! So that got fixed pretty quickly.

It damaged the ceiling a little as it started bulging, which meant that the material that we put on it moved a little and separated, but at least it stayed intact. We can live with it like that.

Campervan Conversion Installing Electric Hookup

Campervan Conversion Lights

Campervan Conversion Accessory Pockets

Electric Hook-up

We installed the electric hook-up socket in the van, though it’s not connected to anything yet – it’s there ready to be! It’ll be so much easier to just plug the van in next time we go away, rather than taking our camping plug with us and trailing it through the back door. It was pretty easy to fit, though super scary drilling a huge hole in the van (that always terrifies me – like what if the hole is too big hah).

Finishing Touches

Ok, so I know the van is barely built yet, but like I said before, we thought we’d be in Scotland this weekend so we fit the little pockets that we bought for the rear doors for a little extra storage. Shane also built some little 12v chargers there, so that we could charge our phones at night (and store them in the pockets).

Campervan Conversion Bed Sofa Area

Campervan Conversion Bed Sofa Area

The Bed!

We finally bought the foam and material so that we can get the bed finished. We were sick of using the rubbish airbed that we bought because it’s filled with cold air, it gets super cold to sleep on during the night which doesn’t help. And it deflates. So we ordered the foam to be cut to size and Shane’s mum is being so nice and helping us out with the upholstery, because honestly, we have no idea what we’re doing!

Campervan Conversion Fitting the Kitchen Appliances

Campervan Conversion Fitting the Kitchen Appliances

Campervan Conversion Fitting the Kitchen Appliances

Campervan Conversion Fitting the Kitchen Appliances

Campervan Conversion Fitting the Kitchen Appliances

We have a Kitchen!

Yup, Shane and his dad spent the past couple weekends building all the walls and frame for the kitchen, and then started installing the appliances. We’ve got the fridge, cooker and sink in, though the fridge is the only thing that’s not secured down atm because we need to cut (more) holes into the van for the vents.

The cooker is in though, we just need to hook it up to the gas and electric, and the sink and tap are all fitted, though they need to be connected to the water and waste (which we don’t have yet ha). Next is finishing up all the cupboards and building the drawers, shelves and doors to go in/on them.

We’re loving these lighter evenings now, as Shane (I’m not going to say we, because lets face it, I just pop out to take progress photos and occasionally hold something in place hah) has been able to get a few things done in the evenings too! It’s finally starting to look like an actual campervan!

If you want to see more in depth posts and DIY’s head over to our campervan blog!




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