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August 19, 2013

IMG_8760 copyIn case you haven’t heard already, I’ve been in the process of slowly moving my blog from a blogger hosted blog to a self hosted wordpress blog. This mainly came about because there was a few things that I wanted on my blog (like my new navigation bar) which was hard to get it to work properly on blogger since their coding is pretty bad. It got to the point that my whole html code stopped loading (for me) and I pretty much couldn’t customize anything. So Shane, being a web developer persuaded me to move over to wordpress instead. The past few weeks we’ve been trying to get it to look as similar as possible to my current design, with a few small and better changes to tidy it up a little and this past weekend we put it live.

We tested as much as possible to make sure it all worked fine, but just in-case anything isn’t working properly that we missed or you have any problems please let me know so I can get it sorted :).


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