Days Out

Day Trip: Cambridge

July 22, 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Shane and I took a trip to Cambridge for the day with my parents. We had such perfect weather to walk around and explore. We got there for lunch time and started by getting a punt with a tour guide (there was no way any of us wanted to try that out for ourselves with all the crashes happening out there haha). It was a 2 mile ride down and back up the river learning about the history of Cambridge University and their buildings. I’d definitely recommend a punt tour/hire if you ever visit – you get to see so much more of the city on the river.

After, we stopped off for lunch by the river and then visited Clare College’s gardens and sat on the riverbank people watching for a while. It was funny seeing all the people that had hired punts, struggling to maneuver them and ending up getting stuck in tree’s or crashing into other punts. Luckily its only a little bump so nothing serious, but they were a lot braver than us to try. We then had a little wander around the rest of the gardens and the city centre and headed home.

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