Days Out

Day Trip: Coughton Court

April 15, 2013
Sorry for the thousands of photos haha! Yesterday, my mum and I took a little drive up to Coughton Court since the weather was pretty good. I seriously love looking around and exploring places like this where there is so much history. The house has been around since the 16th century and has been around through the Tudor times and even the gunpowder plot of 1605! This is definitely one of my favourite National Trust places that I’ve visited and I can’t wait to go back during the summer with Shane and explore the gardens too. It’s such a homely feeling house compared to some of the other ones that I’ve visited and its great that you get to walk freely around the rooms rather than having to follow a walkway. I didn’t realise till I got back home and was looking through the pictures that I never took any photos of the rooms, only the little details in each room. We also got to see some newborn lambs and their mother which had only just been born 2 hours before we got there!

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