Days Out

Day Trip: Monkey World

August 7, 2012
Incase you didn’t know, monkeys are my second favourite animal (behind cats), so to visit a centre for monkeys is so much fun! This was actually my third time here (and Shane’s second), but its totally a place you can visit multiple times because everytime you go, the monkeys are doing different things. We were so lucky that when we visited it was just the beginning of a nice hot week so the majority of the monkeys were out (even if some were hiding in the shade haha). If you’ve watched Monkey Life, then you’ll know this isn’t a zoo, but a rehabilitation centre. It’s amazing to hear the stories behind each monkey and see them develop from being locked in tiny cages for the majority of their life, to getting to run around this place. I just love what they do here for all the animals, so if you’re near, you should definately check it out!

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