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Day Trip: Packwood House

August 7, 2013

Oh wow, I am so behind on blogging haha! Shane and I visited Packwood House back in June on the same day that we visited Baddesly Clinton as they’re actually only a couple miles apart. We spent the morning wandering around Baddesly, then took a quick drive over to Packwood for the afternoon. We started off with a wander around their amazing vegetable garden and then went through to the house.

It was originally built around the 16th century, but it was restored extensively around the time of the First and Second World Wars.  I personally loved the decor in here which was quite different from the medieval/tudor decor at Baddesly, though still quite dark. They had some amazing rugs and tapestries too which I could have just scooped up and took home with me haha!

It’s a shame I didn’t get any photos of the garden but by that time we were all worn out and it was super hot that day too. Through the back of the house they have a massive garden of yew trees which I remember playing hide and seek in with my parents and brother when we visited years ago, and some pretty borders too. So much fun! I’d totally recommend a visit if you’re in the area. Have you been before?

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