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Day Trip: Baddesly Clinton

June 30, 2013
Yesterday, Shane and I took a trip to Baddesly Clinton and Packwood House (though I’ll post about that separately soon). The house was built around the 15th Century and includes a moat and 3 priest holes which Catholic Priests would hide in from when Catholics were persecuted. One of my favourite bits about the house was the stained glass windows everywhere with the different coats of arms on (and the wonky floors and walls haha).
While we were there we were lucky to watch a few demonstrations of how ink was made, how people would dress back then, and of musicians playing music that would have been around in those times. The talk on the dress styles interested me the most. It’s amazing how many layers the men and women would wear and how different the types of dress was for the different classes. I don’t think this is on all the time, but it was definitely interesting to hear about so if you do get a chance to visit while its on, I definitely recommend it! What did you get up to this weekend?

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