Driving through Glencoe

January 13, 2016

Glencoe, Scotland Glencoe, Scotland Glencoe, Scotland Glencoe, Scotland Glencoe, Scotland Glencoe, Scotland Glencoe, ScotlandOn our third day in Scotland, we decided to head over to Fort William and Glencoe and a have a little explore. The views over glencoe are absolutely stunning with the huge mountains and the glen below them. We decided to quickly stop on our way over at Loch Oich – one of my favourite lochs around Fort William. The water is the blackest colour I’ve seen (it’s quite scary), and there’s a little boardwalk that you can walk out on and I just love it so much, but I forgot my waterproof boots and it was all flooded so I couldn’t get down to take some photos. So sad!

After, we headed over to Fort William for some lunch where we had the most delicious Haggis I’ve ever tried at The Tavern Restaurant, but I was literally in the worst mood from not getting to explore loch oich and forgetting my boots at home that I didn’t even get any photos of the town! So annoying! After, we drove over to Glencoe, stopping at loads of little viewpoints along the way. There is so much to see there – especially during the summer when you’ve got so much more daylight to go on lovely walks and whatever as all we could really do was drive from place to place before it got too dark.

I’d definitely recommend a day to drive through and explore the area – there is so much to see around there, and in the winter they also have the ski area open, though sadly there wasn’t enough snow while we were there for it to be open. My favourite time to visit is definitely the summer though, as the weather is usually a lot nicer and there’s plenty of walks and trails to explore!

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