Falls of Foyers

June 25, 2011
Hey guys! Shane and I are now in Scotland 🙂


After we eventually arrived in Fort William yesterday evening, we settled in to our amazing little apartment which has lovely views of Ben Nevis! So today, we decided to go and visit a waterfall (Falls of Foyers) and go for a little drive around the mountains. The road leading up to the waterfall was so thin (literally just over a car wide) for probably around 20 miles! But once we got to the waterfall and walked down it was so worth the drive. We also had a little stop and went for a mini hike up a little mountain which was nice.
The views were amazing as we were walking down to the falls, and they had another section where you could walk round to the other side to see a different view of the waterfall, but we decided to head back after that as it was quite far. Well hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! I should be back tomorrow with my monthly recap post! 🙂

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