Days Out

Moseley Old Hall & Wightwick Manor

April 15, 2014

IMG_4646 copy IMG_4554 copy IMG_4556 copy IMG_4563 copy IMG_4564 copy IMG_4571 copy IMG_4577 copy IMG_4581 copy IMG_4583 copy IMG_4587 copy IMG_4594 copy IMG_4599 copy IMG_4608 copy IMG_4610 copy IMG_4653 copy IMG_4659 copy IMG_4683 copyThis past Sunday, we drove up to Moseley Old Hall with my parents for a little day out. It was such a small little place with a little garden (though it was a nice little place to visit) so we took a 20 minute drive over to Wightwick Manor and Gardens after. Unfortunately you can’t take photos in Wightwick Manor but it was such a lovely house (I could totally move in tomorrow haha). I’d recommend visiting both in one day if you get the chance, starting with Moseley Old Hall as they aren’t that far away from each other.

*The majority of the photos are from Moseley Old Hall except the bottom 3 which are from Wightwick.

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