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Putting up the Christmas Tree

December 10, 2015

Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas Tree Christmas TreeSo last weekend, Shane and I put the Christmas Tree up! I was hoping it would help me feel a little bit more festive! I do love it being up with all the pretty coloured lights though – so pretty! And how adorable is my little handmade decoration from 1997 – I’m actually suprised it’s still around and hasn’t broken or whatever yet! I absolutely love it – I’d love to make more with Shane and we could have one each and a little cat one for Mr Toff haha!

Mince Pies Mince Pies Mince Pies Mince PiesI thought I’d share a couple photos from the afternoon and  my attempt to bake some mince pies. They completely failed though (I’m the worst at baking haha). I didn’t have the right cutters, I didn’t roll the pastry out thin enough and they completely stuck to the baking tray, so we ended up scooping the filling out haha! Such a fail! They did make the house smell nice though!

Have you got your tree up yet? And are you a white lights or coloured lights person?

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    Nikki | The Ginger Diaries
    December 12, 2015 at 12:10 pm

    Yay! You shared the photos. I love your colorful tree. It’s quite a contrast with mine, haha. Your handmade Santa ornament is SO cute. When I was little me and my siblings made ornaments in school and my parents used to hang them all in the mini tree we had in the kitchen. It was “our” tree! xo

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