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4 DIY’s That I Want to Try

March 23, 2016

Four DIY's to TryI’ve really been wanting to get our house finished lately, as we’ve kind of just been living around unbuilt flat pack IKEA furniture for the past 6 months after we redecorated it all, and I’m so excited to finally get it all finished. I’ve really been feeling the whole DIY thing lately, so I’ve been searching pinterest and reading blogs for some simple looking DIY’s that I want to give a go for both the house and the garden. OK, so the pizza oven might not be simple, but it’s a DIY that Shane and I been wanting to do for so long now! We have a little area in our garden that would be so perfect for it, and my parents are all for it, so we’ll see!

Succulent Garden

I’ve been wanting to make a little succulent garden/terrarium for a while now to put on our sideboard in our hallway. I love succulents and cacti and I couldn’t decide on whether to plant them all in separate pots, or create a little succulent garden, but I’ve definitely been swayed by the garden idea. I love the idea of having a glass bowl to plant them in though, with layers of soil visible throughout it.

Mid-Century Plant Stands

So I’ve got a few smaller plants in our hall, and they kind of look a little lost just sitting there on the floor. I love mid-century style decor and furniture, but buying it is SO expensive, so I’ve seen a few DIY’s for plant stands that I’d love to try. My favourite style is the one above, with the tripod of angled legs.

Poster Hanger

We barely have any art or photos hanging in our house, so it really feels unfinished. I love the idea of making a little poster hanger just out of little scraps of wood or whatever, and it looks pretty easy to do too!

Pizza Oven

Ok, so this one is a little more complex. Shane and I have wanted to have a pizza oven for a good year or so now, but they are SO expensive! We’re talking like over £1k for a decent one! I breifly looked at building our own a while back, but nothing came from that. The other week we were watching Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast, when Jimmy built a DIY pizza oven from plant pots! Shane just turned around and said “we’re doing that”. So we’re going to give it a try and see how it turns out!

Are there any DIY’s that you’ve been wanting to try lately? I’m always looking for new inspiration!

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