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May 14, 2014

IMG_4652 copy IMG_4349 copy IMG_4927 copy IMG_5065 copy IMG_5091 copy IMG_5098 copy IMG_5182 copy IMG_5185 copy IMG_5224 copy IMG_5225 copy IMG_5288 copy IMG_5294 copy I thought it was about time for a good old photo dump as my folder is just growing more and more each week of random photos I’ve taken.

1. I loved this building at one of the places we visited – especially the colour with all the pretty daffodils out the front
2. A little bee enjoying the blossom
3. From the bluebell woods a couple weeks ago
4. Me! hahah
5. I always love brick walls with plants growing up them
6. We took a mini stroll at a random little reservoir we drove past
7. Heather
8. Bella – she’s a character!
9. Little Lenny pops – we found her wandering across the main road at the side of our house just over 6 years ago and she’s still going strong! Her and Bella are inseparable.
10. Pretty flowers in the garden. I’m suprised the chickens haven’t ate them yet!
11. Sunshine
12. My first little harvest from the garden the other day. Some freshly picked spinach for my lunch

What have you been up to lately?


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