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December 17, 2017

I honestly can’t believe that we’re almost a week away from Christmas already! This year has definitely flown by, and although the summer started off terribly (with Keeko going missing), the rest of the year has been amazing! I’m excited to get started on my annual yearly recap post that will be going up at the end of the year!

So we had a massive snowfall last weekend and it was amazing! We don’t get snow too often, and usually when it snows it’s just a little sprinkling, but this was a good 6 inches or so of snow! Isla experienced it for the first time ever and it was the most hilarious thing – she was dying to go out as soon as she saw it, and when we let her out she ran out so excitedly, and just didn’t know what to do with her little legs! She spent probably about 30 seconds out in it then went flying back in the house and stayed there the rest of the day!

I’ve been feeling super cozy at home lately. I’m not usually one for being in the house, and I get so claustrophobic if I’m home all day but I think re-decorating the living room has helped so much, as I actually don’t mind being in there so much now (and we have the warmest curtains/blinds ever so it feels even more cozy and warm each evening now too).

I LOVE the Starbucks Chai Tea Latte, which I tend to buy a lot more in the winter. It’s just so warming and tasty, though I can’t find a good enough replacement for at home. I have the Drink Me Chai Tea, but it’s just not the same. Anyone have any good recommendations for a good Chai Latte brand?

We’ve made a little bit more progress on the campervan the past few months. I keep meaning to do a proper progress post on what we’ve done since the last one, but just never get round to it. So since the last post, we’ve laid the flooring, secured the bed in place and added the ceiling and ceiling fabric.

Now we just need to finish the bedframe with the finishing wood panels and then the next step is to install the toilet. Shane’s been going on a few wild camps with his friend who also converted a van, and they keep inviting me but I just can’t deal with no toilet or heating at the moment hah!

And these two crack me up so much (and that’s my new favourite photo of them)! Mr has practically moved next door to my parents house as she annoys him SO much. So I only ever get to see him at dinnertime usually. To be fair, Isla is such a pain and doesn’t leave him alone at all – we’re hoping she’ll calm down once she gets to go outside more like Keeko did and discovers there’s more to life than Mr hah!

Bills Vegetarian Breakfast

I’ve been loving making big proper breakfasts lately, so me and mum popped over to the new Bill’s Restaurant that opened up near us for breakfast the other week. I had the vegetarian breakfast and it was so so good! I’m definitely going to be re-creating this over Christmas sometime – maybe even Christmas day, as it’s so simple to make. What’s your favourite breakfast/brunch thing to eat? I’m a sucker for eggs benedict too!

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    Jasmin Charlotte
    December 17, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    Ohh so much snow! We only got a little sprinkle but it was still so lovely! The cats are the cutest! x

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