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Old Harry Rocks

October 16, 2018

Old Harry Rocks Drone

Old Harry Rocks, Dorset

We finally made it down to Old Harry Rocks! We tried to visit back in April, after our Madeira holiday disaster (there’s a little bit about it in that post, but I still need to properly blog about it), but by the time we made the 3.5hr drive down to the south coast, the sun had already set which meant that the drone wouldn’t have been able to get the shots we wanted. So, sadly, we turned around and headed to our campsite with the hopes of returning again another day.

The weather was rubbish the next day, with rain the entire time, so we couldn’t get the drone up the next day either. So that was that. Cue a few weeks ago. We were supposed to be going for a week long trip to Scotland in the campervan, but a couple weeks beforehand, my parents decided to book a 3 week cruise around Asia over the top of our dates, which meant that no-one would be there to feed the cats and give Mr his medication (he has heart failure so needs tablets twice a day). So our week long trip got cut into a 3 day trip.

Old Harry RocksOld Harry Rocks

We had no idea where to go, so we checked where had the best weather for the 3 days and so just after lunchtime on the Monday, we headed off to Old Harry Rocks again as a last minute decision. We didn’t think we’d make it in time again for the sunset and the forecast for the next couple days weren’t as great, but we headed down anyway, just incase.

Well, amazingly we made it about 45 minutes before sunset! We walked so fast along the path through the woods to the edge of the cliffs and were in awe when we finally got to the edge! I couldn’t get over the views and the size of the rocks. Shane quickly got the drone out while I ran around like a crazy person getting so many photos before the sun set.

Old Harry Rocks DroneOld Harry Rocks DroneOld Harry Rocks DroneOld Harry Rocks Drone

We never use the drone enough, but every time we get it up, I’m always amazed by the shots that we can get. It was so cool to be able to get the drone down the cliff and in with the rocks, though it was a little windy so we didn’t want to risk it too much and loose the drone.

I really need to learn to use it properly, cause it’s hard directing Shane to what photos I want. I’ve played around with it a few times, and had a practise flying it, but not in the wild with the sea and cliffs haha! He’s so good at the video though, so hopefully we’ll have a little vlog edited and up on our YouTube channel (go subscribe 🙂 ) soon (though we’re still editing the first video from our Europe trip back in May, so who knows).

The rocks are chalk formations along the Jurassic Coast. The stumps were formed hundreds of years ago due to erosion. First the cliffs formed caves underneath due to the lighter chalk rock, but as that eroded away, it formed arches, which then gradually over time eroded to form the current stacks that are there today.

Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry Rocks

Old Harry RocksOld Harry Rocks DroneOld Harry RocksOld Harry Rocks

I really wanted some shots of the cliffs with Shane standing there at the edge so you could really see the scale and size of the rocks, but he was busy with the drone before we lost the light and batteries. So I was so happy when a random guy on a bike came along and started taking some photos at each viewpoint. I was with Shane telling him what shots to get, and saw the guy head over to the other cliff. I flew down to the rocks and managed to get a quick shot before he headed off on his bike again. Look at how tiny he is – he’s a little dot at the top of the cliff!

It’s a shame we didn’t have longer to do more of a little hike around the area as I think all of the views would have been amazing tbh, but we just didn’t have time, and I didn’t want to head back through the wooded pathway in the dark. It was already scary enough just after the sun had set (I’m scared of the dark ahah).

Afterwards, we headed to our camping spot for the night. I’ll share more in the next post, along with everything else we got to over the 3 days we were down around Bournemouth!

Have you been to Old Harry Rocks before? Is it somewhere on your bucket list?




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    October 18, 2018 at 6:50 pm

    Oh my goodness these are the most beautiful photos! You clearly got there at the perfect time,what wonderful light. I hope you get to have a longer trip soon! Xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy

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