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Rutland Water

February 25, 2014

IMG_2936 copy IMG_2982 copy IMG_2986 copy IMG_2996 copy IMG_3029 copy IMG_3034 copy IMG_3039 copy IMG_3055 copy IMG_3056 copyThis past weekend, Shane and I took a trip out to one of our favourite places for a little walk at Rutland Water. As always, walked to Normanton Church – one of my favourite parts of visiting Rutland Water (though it actually isn’t classed as a religious building anymore). It used to be a museum, but they recently opened it back up as a wedding venue and I was lucky enough to get a peek inside after a wedding had finished – it’s amazing! It was actually supposed to be destroyed when the reservoir was first built, but luckily they decided to save it and raised the floor halfway up the church (to just below the windows) after it became flooded and built a walkway to the church as it was on its own island before that. I wish I’d have got some photos from when I went inside! Hopefully next time!

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    March 4, 2014 at 5:33 am

    It looks so much like spring! What a beautiful place, I can only imagine having a wedding there <3

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